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News Release from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England


February 2022

A new pattern of wards is being developed for Buckinghamshire Council.

Following a public consultation on proposed council size for the authority, the Local Government Boundary Commission has decided that the number of councillors in Buckinghamshire should be 98.

The Commission wants to hear what residents and organisations think about their local area. A 12-week consultation on the proposals will run until 4 April 2022.

The Commission is the independent body that draws these boundaries. It is reviewing Buckinghamshire to make sure councillors represent about the same number of electors, and that ward arrangements help the council work effectively. It wants to be sure that its proposals reflect community ties and identities.

The Commission is interested in views on which communities should be part of the same ward.

  • What facilities do people share, such as parks, leisure centres or schools and shopping areas?
  • What issues do neighbouring communities face that they have in common, such as high numbers of visitors or heavy traffic?
  • Have there been new housing or commercial developments that have changed the focus of communities?
  • And are there roads, rivers, railways or other features that people believe form strong boundaries between neighbourhoods?

The Commission will use local views to help it draw up proposals for new ward boundaries.

There will be a further round of consultation once the Commission has drawn up those proposals.

Launching the consultation Professor Colin Mellors, Chair of the Commission, said: “We want people in Buckinghamshire to help us.

We are starting to draw up new wards for Buckinghamshire. We want our proposals for new electoral arrangements to reflect communities. We also want them to be easy to understand and convenient for local people. Residents and local organisations can help us understand community ties and identities at this early stage of the process.

It’s easy to get involved. Go to our website. Or you can e-mail or write to us. Just tell us what you think and give us some details why you think that. It’s really simple, so do get involved.”

The Commission has a dedicated section on its website where people can give their views:

People can also give their views by e-mail at

, on mobile via, and by post to:

Review Officer (Buckinghamshire) LGBCE

PO Box 133 Blyth NE24 9FE

Photo Competition 2022


January 2022

The photo competition 2022 results are in! See the dedicated page for the winners and all the entries!

Photo Competition 2022

Buckinghamshire Local Heritage List are looking for volunteers


January 2022

News on behalf of Buckinghamshire Council's Local Heritage List. 

See attached flyer for details. 

HS2 Newsletter and Notice of Works - December 2021


December 2021

Please see attached detailed Advance Warning Notices and useful maps of HS2 related works over Christmas and going into the New Year that have been shared with the Parish Council. 

Questionnaire Survey – The Discovery & Exploration Phase for the new Local Plan for Buckinghamshire

How to respond to the Local Plan for Buckinghamshire


December 2021

Please see below a message from Buckinghamshire Council and how to respond to the Local Plan for Buckinghamshire

I am writing about an important survey we’re launching about the future of Buckinghamshire. It’s a questionnaire survey for the new Local Plan for Buckinghamshire. We want to hear your views about living and working in Buckinghamshire, what problems and issues you may face, and what your needs are in the future. We want to know what matters most to you.

You can fill out the survey questionnaire online on Your Voice Bucks:

There are other ways to comment. A pdf of the questionnaire survey has been added to the website: This can be downloaded and then emailed or posted to the Planning Policy Team.

· The email address is

· The postal address is Planning Policy Team, Buckinghamshire Council, Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 1BB

You can take part from Monday 29 November 2021 until midnight on Friday 11 February 2022.

This message is being sent to all stakeholders and organisations included in the Planning Policy consultation database. I want to give you the opportunity to raise issues that you want the Council to consider. The legal background for this is Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

Thank you for taking part in this important work for the new Local Plan for Buckinghamshire. Please share this message with anyone who may be interested in responding to the questionnaire survey.

Photo Competition


November 2021

Great and Little Kimble cum Marsh Parish Council are running a photo competition and are looking for residents to showcase their amazing photography skills.

We are looking for photos of our beautiful Parish whether it be the beautiful scenery or a landmark.

Competition is open to all ages but please do read the below rules.

All entries will be displayed on the Parish Council Website

Entries should be submitted

by 5th January 2022

1st Prize: £200, 2nd Prize: £100 and 3rd Prize: £50


1. Submissions must be emailed by the deadline of 5th January 2022.

2. You may submit as many entries as you wish however, the photo must have been taken by the entrant and must not contain any materials owned or controlled by a third party

3. Please provide a description for your photo i.e., where it was taken

4. Photos must not be enhanced in any way it must be the original photo

5. Participants of all ages are welcome

6. By entering the competition, the entrant agrees that the council may use the image for any purpose in the future

7. All entries may be displayed on the Parish Council website and social media. Please state when submitting your entry whether you are happy for your name to also be displayed.

8. All photos must have been taken within the boundaries of Great and Little Kimble cum Marsh

9. All participants must live within the Parish of Great and Little Kimble cum Marsh


1. Great and Little Kimble cum Marsh Parish Councillors will judge the entries and the judge’s decision will be final and binding.

2. The winner will be announced at the Parish Council meeting on 12th January 2022

The Prizes:

1. The following prizes will be allocated following the judge’s decision: 1st Prize: £200, 2nd Prize: £100 and 3rd Prize: £50

New Website


November 2021

Great and Little Kimble cum Marsh Parish Council is pleased to announce that we have a new website. 

It is still work in progress but we would welcome any feedback.