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14 December 2022

Parish Council Meeting

Kimble Stewart Hall Wednesday 7:30 pm View Details

Great & Little Kimble cum Marsh Parish Council

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(Kimble Stewart Hall)

Great & Little Kimble cum Marsh Parish is set in the beautiful Vale of Aylesbury at the foot of The Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire.

Each and everyone of our councillors welcome you to our rural parish. We are situated on the northern edge of the Wycombe District, with rich lower farm land to the North rising into part of the magnificent Chiltern Hills to the South.

The 394 homes are well spread across 1,212 hectares. The main settlements are Smoky Row, Clanking, Marsh, Kimblewick, Little Kimble and Great Kimble.

The southern part of the parish is within the Chilterns Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty and The Green Belt – an area representing nearly 25% of the parish. The rest is most attractive too, and we strive to keep it that way.

The National Trust owns the land around Pulpit Hill. There is a network of public footpaths and bridleways from which to explore the varied countryside within the parish.

The population is growing, with many young families now taking the numbers to just over 1,000 (988 in the 2001 Census).

Latest Parish News

NEWS - HS2 Update


November 2022
News - HS2 Update

What is Buckinghamshire Council doing on behalf of residents?

HS2 Route-wide Injunction

On 20th September 2022 a High Court Judge, Mr Justice Knowles, sitting at Birmingham’s Civil Justice Centre, granted HS2 Limited an extensive injunction along the length of the high-speed line from London to Crewe to help tackle unlawful protests.

The order makes going onto HS2 land without permission or disrupting work a potential contempt of court – the offence of ignoring a judge’s ruling. The order covers a range of scenarios including people “interfering with” access to the land or “delaying or hindering” any HS2 work. Breaking the injunction would be a contempt of court which could lead to a fine, imprisonment or both. The order can be viewed here and details of the proceedings can be viewed at HS2 route-wide injunction proceedings.

Protests against HS2 have cost an estimated £122 million and an HS2 spokesperson said that the injunction was not intended to stop legitimate protest saying “instead, we hope the injunction will prevent the violence, intimidation, and criminal damage these protests have frequently caused, harming the HS2 project and those working on it, and costing the UK taxpayer millions of pounds.”

There have been a number of concerns about people going about legitimate business or pastimes mistakenly breaking the injunction and committing a criminal offence. Examples include walkers or ramblers walking across a footpath which crosses HS2 land, footpath maintenance volunteers straying off the path to cut back hedgerows, organisations accessing the land for monitoring purposes such as the Chiltern Conservation Board and the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust and even Buckinghamshire Council Officers going about their statutory business.

Buckinghamshire Council has taken a number of actions to ensure that the route-wide injunction does not prevent people legitimately accessing or crossing HS2 land either for leisure or business purposes.

The Council sought legal advice on the implications of the route-wide injunction. It indicated

that it should not affect the rights of the public using Public Rights of Way over HS2 land, making use of private rights of access over HS2 land or any person holding a freehold interest in land over which HS2 Ltd has taken temporary possession.

We have also sought King’s Counsel advice on the implications of the injunction. The advice was that it is very unlikely that the injunction will affect the lawful activities of groups, such as the Chilterns Conservation Board continuing to undertake reasonable monitoring activities or members of the public, ramblers etc. from walking across HS2 land. It is very unlikely that the injunction will have implications for Buckinghamshire Council exercising its statutory powers and is only likely to affect the activities of protestors of HS2. King’s Counsel does not consider it necessary for the Council to apply to the Court for a variation of the order.

We have liaised with senior members of HS2 Ltd regarding this route-wide injunction and our concerns about it. HS2 Ltd responded that the injunction is aimed at unlawful protestors not law-abiding members of the public and that their staff would take a common-sense approach. HS2 Ltd added some additional information to their webpage to allay concerns and spell out what the injunction does and does not do. Link to the webpage can be found here.

The Court has instructed HS2 Ltd to display the documents relating to the injunction in four libraries along the route (Aylesbury, Great Missenden, Wendover, and Chalfont St Giles.) Buckinghamshire Council has worked with HS2 Ltd to ensure that these documents are available to the public to view and have added a caveat that:

“These documents relate to the route-wide injunction that has been granted to HS2 Ltd by the court. This information has been deliberately placed at this library to facilitate ease of access by the public, by request of the court. Buckinghamshire Council does not endorse this injunction.”

Abnormal Loads Trial

Following concerns expressed by local residents about large loads in Great Missenden damaging narrow roads and low bridges, the Council made HS2 carry out a night-time abnormal load trial. Following our intervention, the HS2’s contractor EKFB carried out the trial overnight on 27 September.

The trial was to test the route that will be used by the 30m long heavy goods vehicles to deliver the steel beams for use on the Wendover Dean Viaduct. The trial was carried out at night exiting the M40 at junction 1 so that the longer vehicles could manoeuvre around the roundabout at the junction of the A355 and the A413 without the need for traffic management. This is a slight deviation from the current route which exits from junction 2 of the M40 and was decided by the hauliers and the police as the safest possible route.

Manually controlled temporary traffic lights were in place to stop traffic for the short time that the abnormal load passes through. The locations of the temporary traffic lights were on the A413/A404 roundabout near Amersham, the Deep Mill railway bridge near Little Missenden and on both roundabouts on the A413 Great Missenden between the Link Road and Frith Hill.

The trial went well with only a few issues regarding overhanging vegetation between Little Missenden and Great Missenden. The journey took about 45 minutes to complete.

Improvements to the route for future deliveries as a result of the trial include additional temporary traffic lights at the Gore Hill roundabout in Amersham, lengthening the traffic management at the Deep Mill bridge, cutting back the overhanging vegetation between Little Missenden and Great Missenden and using the Pyebush layby near Beaconsfield as a contingency stop if the delivery needs to be halted for any reason.

The deliveries will be made in early 2023.

CCTV Current Locations

In response to concerns about the volume of HS2 traffic, Buckinghamshire Council have purchased three mobile CCTV cameras to monitor the traffic caused by the HS2 construction as well as the effect it has on our roads over the next few years.

The three CCTV cameras are currently located at:

  • the A413 Great Missenden roundabout to review HS2 HGVs on the roundabout and monitor the abnormal load deliveries
  • Little Chalfont on the White Lion Road junction of the A404/A413 to identify use of the road by HS2 HGVs despite this not being a construction route and in contravention of the “No HS2 Traffic” signs
  • Beaconsfield just off the A355 Amersham Road south of the Maxwell Road junction to monitor that HS2 construction traffic is now using the new Beaconsfield bypass

Any queries or concerns regarding the use of CCTV should be sent by email to

If you would like to propose a location which would benefit from the placement of a mobile CCTV camera, please use our online form below. Note that suggestions will only be considered where there is evidence of disruption caused by HS2 construction works.

Suggest a camera location

Road Safety Fund

The government has made limited funding available to address issues that have been created or made worse by the construction of HS2. Buckinghamshire has an HS2 Road Safety Fund of £3.95 million, which is being allocated in a series of tranches up to 2026.

Delivery of the first tranche of schemes has now commenced, with the first two recently completed.

In August 2022 measures were put in place to improve awareness and visibility of Perry Hill/School Hill junction.

In September 2022 white lining was added along sections of the A4010 to mark road edges to improve visibility.

For further information on the Road Safety Fund and to see the full list of road safety schemes that have been agreed: The HS2 Road Safety Fund | Buckinghamshire Council

Colne Valley Park Forum & Lottery Landscape Celebration

On 29 September the Colne Valley Forum and Lottery Landscape Partnership held a celebration on their successes over the last year. The event was held at the Denham Grove Hotel and was well attended with representatives from the Colne Valley Park Trust, Colne Valley Fisheries Consultative, Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, Buckinghamshire Council, the Environment Agency, Groundwork South, the Soil Association, and the Chiltern Conservation Board.

John Whitby, Chairman of the Colne Valley Park Trust, gave the welcome speech and was followed by a number of presentations on the work carried out over the past year including an interesting account of collaboration between anglers and nature conservationists by Tony Booker of Colne Valley Fisheries Consultative. Attendees heard about some hugely successful project work, about the threats to the Park and how they will be responding over the coming year. The passion and commitment to the local countryside was obvious as the conversations afterwards amongst council leaders, politicians, charities, government agencies, residents’ associations, conservationists, anglers, and other stakeholders.

Information on the event and presentations can be seen here.

Booker Park Forest School

Members of the HS2 contractor, EKFB, have been working with Booker Park School in Aylesbury to create a new forest area within the grounds. The school provides specialist support for students with severe mental and learning disabilities. EKFB and its subcontractors have created a unique learning environment for the school utilising the planning, design, and construction skills of their team at no cost to the school. This included vegetation clearance, new fencing, a sensory path, a Wicker Den, picnic benches, railway sleepers, a communication board and music and water walls.

The new forest school was opened on 28 October to the obvious delight of the children.

Bat Mitigation Structure

On 5 October HS2 held a meeting at Calvert Green Village Hall to present the developing designs for the Sheephouse Wood Bat Protection Structure near Calvert. Members of the public were invited to go along to see how the designs have developed and give feedback on them.

The Sheephouse Wood Bat Protection Structure will run for about 1 kilometre alongside Sheephouse Wood near Calvert. The 56-hectare woodland is home to several different species of bat, including the most northerly known colony of the rare Bechstein’s bat. The Bechstein bat population in Sheephouse Wood is genetically different to other UK populations so any decline in bat numbers could result in extinction of this unique population. Like all other bats in the UK, the Bechstein bats are legally protected in the UK and this structure will allow them to cross the HS2 line without being harmed by passing trains.

The design of the bat protection structure is based around a series of BEBO arches, and although not technically classed as a tunnel the structure has been carefully chosen as being the most effective solution being durable, requiring little maintenance and reducing overall costs and materials. The kilometre long, 10m high structure consists of precast concrete segments and mesh inserts to create a light smooth structure, capable of self-ventilation. It will be absorbed into the local landscape and embedded into the backdrop of the woodland. It will provide shielding for bat flight paths from passing trains and provide connectivity points for wildlife with a green bridge and underpass.

Further details of the bat mitigation structure can be found on the HS2 website.

HS2 6-monthly Report to Parliament

Mark Harper MP was appointed as Secretary of State for Transport in Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s new cabinet on 25 October. He published the government’s fifth update on HS2 to Parliament two days later on 27 October.

The report details updates on the schedule, budget and delivery as well as providing information on the impact and engagement with local communities and the environment. Harper stated that local impacts would be unavoidable on a project on the scale of HS2, however, he expects HS2 Ltd. to do its utmost to reduce disruption where it is reasonable to do so and to treat communities affected by construction with respect, sensitivity, and professionalism.

He discussed the role of independent construction inspectors in assessing the considerate delivery of HS2 works, and the announcement on 25 April of Stewart Jackson being appointed for 3 years as the independent HS2 Residents’ Commissioner.

The report states that HS2 has planted over 800,000 trees and shrubs as part of its Green Corridor and continues to be at the forefront of efforts to decarbonise construction and leave a positive environmental legacy. In the last six months, HS2 has started the first diesel-free construction site, including the UK’s only electric crawler cranes.

HS2 Ltd will soon publish the latest Environmental and Sustainability Progress Report, providing up-to-date information on the organisation’s impacts and activities. It will also publish its Ancient Woodland Summary Report with details of how it is mitigating the impacts on these irreplaceable habitats.

The full report can be read at High Speed Two 6-monthly report to Parliament: October 2022.

HS2 Ongoing Work

You can see the work that is taking place in Buckinghamshire on the HS2 website, ‘In Your Area’ section, (Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire) and sign up for automatic alerts. HS2 Ltd or contractors are committed to sending out Advanced Warning Notices 2 weeks ahead of works commencing.

Works in Buckinghamshire

We have listed some of the main works in the table below (please note this is not a comprehensive list and is correct at date of publication but is subject to change):



Colne Valley Viaduct construction

Mar 2021-2023

Chalfont St Giles, CSG10/1 and CSG32/1 footpath closures

Jun 2020-Feb 2030

Chalfont St Giles, Bottom House Farm Lane closure

Aug 2021-June 2023

Amersham Vent shaft construction, shaft buildings and landscaping

Dec 2021-May 2025

Little Missenden Vent Shaft construction, construction of headhouse and surface structures, landscaping

Jan 2022-April 2025

Keepers Lane, Little Missenden – partial road closure at southern end of Keepers Lane in both directions for instrumentation & monitoring surveys

September 2022-November 2022

Aylesbury, south earthworks cutting

Oct 2021-Oct 2024

Aylesbury, a number of long-term public rights of way closures for construction of internal haul road and HS2 line.

Oct 2021-late 2024

Marsh Lane and Old Risborough Road closures

May 2021-Apr 2026

Section of Quainton Road to be fully closed for 24 hours/day due to BT utility diversion works and Thames Water diversion of water main

24-hour full closure due to open trench from Monday 21 November to Friday 16 December 2022

Long term closure of Station Road, Quainton due to construction of Quainton Railhead

Full closure 24 hours/day from 19 September 2022 to 21 December 2023

Small Dean Lane, Wendover road closure

Dec 2021-March 2024

A413 London Road closure for vegetation clearance, as part of Small Dean Viaduct construction works

A section of the road will be fully closed overnight from 8pm-6pm Monday 28th November to Friday 2nd December 2022

The A413 London Road night-time closures, preparatory works before excavating part of the embankment next to the existing Chiltern Rail line over the Christmas period.

9pm-6am on the following Saturday nights: 26th November, 3rd December, 10th December and 17th December 2022

A413 London Road, Small Dean, Wendover Christmas excavation works of embankment next to existing Chiltern Rail line.

24 December 2022 23:00-29 December 2022 04:30

1 Jan 2023 02:30-3 Jan 2023 04:30

7am-7pm plant crossing with 4-way lights, 7pm-7am full road closure

Preston Bissett and Twyford PROW closures for construction of Twyford embankment and Godington East culvert

April/May 2022 to early 2026

Waddesdon PROW closures for construction work

April 2022 to late 2024

Westbury A422 temporary traffic lights and diversion for drainage and utility diversion works.

29 August to February 2023

Gawcott Road 24-hour closure for permanent road realignment also known as Perry Hill

19 October-spring 2023

Fleet Marston A41 Bicester Road daytime traffic management to carry out ground investigation works

14-18 November 2022

Public rights of way long term closures and diversion of Oatleys Road Turweston during work on Turweston Green Overbridge

12 September 2022-early 2025

HS2 Forthcoming Works Packages submission to Buckinghamshire Council

Schedule 17 of the HS2 Act puts in place a process for the approval of certain matters relating to the design and construction of the railway, which requires that the nominated undertaker (HS2 Ltd and its contractors) must seek approval of these matters from the relevant planning authority. As deemed planning permission has been granted by the Act, requests for approval under Schedule 17 are not planning applications and there are few grounds on which the Council can refuse.

*Please note however, forecast dates are subject to slippage by contractors*

Schedule 17 package


Planned submission date

Featherbed Lane 132KV Site Restoration

Featherbed Lane

September 2022 - overdue

Rocky Lane underbridge / Small Dean south embankment / Small Dean viaduct / Small Dean north embankment / A413 diversion Green Tunnel South Portal / Bacombe Lane re-construction

Small Dean (AVDC Package 03)

November 2022

Above-deck details on Addison Road Overbridge

Calvert North AVDC P13b. Condition 1 (Addison Road Overbridge)

November 2022

Above-deck details on Addison Road Overbridge

Non-material amendments for Addison Road OB Parapets

November 2022

A41 Worker Accommodation


December 2022

Calvert North Mitigation Planting

Calvert (AVDC P13b)

February 2023

North portal design and external appearance of buildings

Land to the west of Frith Hill

February 2023

PRA re-alignment Schedule 17 Plans and Specifications/Schedule 17 Mitigation Para 9/Bringing into use

PRA Line – BC 2/39

February 2023

Sheephouse Wood Bat Mitigation Structure Calvert Cutting

Sheephouse Wood (AVDC Package 12)

February 2023

Addison Road Overbridge

Addison road Overbridge (BC.BIU,01)

February 2023

A422 Workers Accommodation

A422 Workers Accommodation

February 2023

Above-deck details on West Street Overbridge

AVDC p13b (Addison Road Overbridge) Condition 3

April 2023

Above-deck details on Perry Hill Overbridge Schedule 17 Plans and Specifications: Discharge of Conditions

Calvert North AVDC P13b. Condition 2 (Perry Hill Overbridge)

April 2023

Aylesbury Embankment Footpath SBH/19 and 27 overbridges (combined)

South West Aylesbury (AVDC Package 06B)

April 2023

FCA details

Calvert North AVDC P13b. Condition 4

April 2023

Overbridge Parapets Resubmission

BC Route wide


Featherbed Lane Worker Accommodation

Featherbed Lane


A422 Brackley Road NMA.

Brackley Road


Blackgrove Road Quainton Lorry routes

Schedule 17 lorry routes


Leather Lane Overbridge and Associated Earthworks

Leather Lane


Grim’s Ditch Earthworks

Grim’s Ditch



Newton Purcell Cherwell (DC P02.C01)


Flow Spreaders

BC Route wide


Key Design Elements as described in HS2 Information Paper D1: Design Policy have been subject to community engagement on design developments.

Buckinghamshire Council HS2 coordination team

Jackie Copcutt Tel: 01296 383793

EWR and HS2 enquiries Mailbox and to contact the Buckinghamshire Council marshals

HS2 Ltd Helpdesk and Mobile Visitor Centre

Emailto HS2Enquiries at

Freephone 08081 434 434

Minicom (used to help people with hearing or speech difficulties) 08081 456 472

Post to FREEPOST, HS2 Community Hub

Upcoming Mobile Visitor Centre Dates and Locations

Details of future Mobile Visitor Centre events will be advertised on HS2 events – High Speed 2.

Pre-booking is not required to visit the HS2 Mobile Visitor Centre, and people are free to drop in at any time. Please check the dates on the HS2 events page before attending in case of any changes.

News From Buckinghamshire County Council


November 2022

In this newsletter:

Last chance for people to comment on budget

It’s really important that the council hears from residents and stakeholders about plans for next year’s budget – particularly in the face of such a challenging economic context. We need to know which services and spending areas residents want us to prioritise so this can feed into the decision-making process.

Our Money Matters survey, which asks people to share their views, closes this weekend.

Thank you for helping us to promote the survey to your local community. If possible, please can you give a final reminder to anyone who wants to take part – and please do fill this in yourselves as individuals. The consultation closes at midnight on Sunday 20 November.

Welcoming Spaces scheme expands

As part of our response to the current Cost of Living Crisis, we recently opened up our local and community libraries as ‘Welcoming Spaces’, allowing people to come together in warm, safe and supportive spaces, free of charge, to shelter from the cold over the winter. We are now looking to expand the scheme and are engaging with other local community groups and organisations who already provide invaluable services in the heart of our local community, who are able to register their own venues as a ‘Welcoming Space’.

We have created a new Community Toolkit for those who would like to join the scheme, with instructions on how to register and useful information and advice around use of the space and location, safety including risk of illness, downloadable marketing materials and possible activities to encourage residents to visit. Community groups and organisations can register with us via the Bucks Online Directory.

The Welcoming Spaces initiative forms part of the wider work of the council on the cost of living pressures. For more information visit our website.

Annual canvass nearly complete

On 1 December our Electoral Register will be updated with the new information residents have given us during the annual canvass.

Please remind anyone who is eligible, but isn’t yet registered, they still have until Monday 22 November 2022 to register.

Last chance to comment on constituency boundaries

The Boundary Commission for England has recently published its revised proposals for constituency boundaries across the country. Comments on the proposals can be submitted up until 5 December. The proposed new map can be viewed online where comments can be submitted.

Can you help promote the Christmas toy appeal?

With greater pressure than ever on family finances we want to do what we can to ensure our most vulnerable children and young people don’t miss out this Christmas. That is why we have once again joined forces with local charity, Inspire Bucks, to raise funds for gifts for children in touch with our social care service.

The initiative is always a great success. Last Christmas more than 2,000 Buckinghamshire children and young people with disadvantaged backgrounds received presents thanks to the generosity of local donors, who pushed funds well over the target of £10,000. During the past year funds have also allowed birthday gifts to be given to 200 children.

Donating is simple, just go to the GoFundMe page and Inspire Bucks and our social services team will do the rest, helping to ensure a happy Christmas for children and young people across Buckinghamshire.

Help shape our vision for libraries

The previous item on welcoming spaces just shows how important our libraries are as community hubs. Over a million items are borrowed every year from Buckinghamshire Libraries and they provide diverse services, from book lending, to reading groups, digital access and local events and activities – plus much, much more.

We want our libraries to continue meeting the needs of our communities so are seeking views on what the priorities should be for Buckinghamshire’s libraries. We want as many people as possible to take part in this survey, not just current library users so please spread the word and take part in the consultation too.

It’s open until Sunday 15 January at

Are your residents ready for winter?

With temperatures dropping and weather conditions likely to turn more unpredictable as we approach winter, we are asking local residents to think about what they can do to prepare for the worst of the cold season in order to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and well. From knowing how to report an issue such as a flooded road to keeping items such as wellies and snow shovels handy, there are lots of tips people can take note of to ensure they are fully prepared. Find out more on our website.

More trees please!

National Tree Week is approaching, starting on 26 November and once again we are using the focus to plant more trees around the county, and we need your help!

Working in partnership with Chiltern Rangers, we are inviting residents to help us plant 4,000 hedgerow plants and trees along the Platinum Way Greenway in Aylesbury as part of a £1.4m upgrade.

Please invite your local community to get involved. Anyone who would like to take part in the planting which takes place between 30 November and 9 December – even just for a couple of hours – can email They will then forward further details of each day's location for planting.

Details on the different events can also be found on Eventbrite, just search for Platinum Way at:

Networking opportunity for charities and community groups

Local charity, Community Impact Bucks, is hosting the next Local Voluntary Sector Network forums for not-for-profit organisations in Buckinghamshire to share information and collaborate on local issues. The North Buckinghamshire Network takes place on 22 November and the South Buckinghamshire Network on 24 November.

To register and get more information visit:

Help us keep your local spaces safe

We are continuing to review our local Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) and would like your help in asking residents to give their feedback.

PSPOs deal with a particular nuisance or problem in an area that affects the local community’s quality of life, by imposing conditions on the use of that area.

Four consultations are now open. People can have their say by clicking the survey link below and sending in their views by midnight on Monday 28 November.

World Cup raises further awareness of smokefree sidelines

With the FIFA World Cup just around the corner, football is a current hot topic of conversation. On a local level we are using the opportunity to encourage football clubs in Buckinghamshire to sign up to our #SmokefreeSidelines initiative, run in partnership with Berks & Bucks Football Association.

The initiative encourages smokers to refrain from smoking during matches or to move away from the sidelines so they are not in sight of children and young people who are more likely to copy what they see. Free campaign materials are available, please let your local clubs know. More information can be found online.

Deadline for cashing council tax energy rebate vouchers is approaching

Earlier this year the Government announced that all households in council tax bands A to D would receive a £150 payment as part of a range of measures to support people with the rising cost of energy pressures. Residents who were eligible for an energy rebate who had not received a BACS transfer were sent a voucher in the post in August this year. The vouchers need to be taken with a form of photo ID, to a post office, where they can be exchanged for £150.

The deadline for cashing the vouchers is Wednesday 30 November. Our latest figures show that around 3,600 vouchers are still waiting to be cashed in Buckinghamshire so please could you to urge residents in your area who haven’t yet cashed their vouchers to do so before it is too late.

The process is fully explained in the voucher letter and on the council website.

Kind regards,

Steve Bowles

Cabinet Member for Communities

History, Charm & Community Spirit

Great & Little Kimble cum Marsh
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